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Why global corporates choose Vellicate, repeatedly?

01. Shared Vision

In a fiercely competitive and complex business environment, organizations continuously strive and innovate to enhance efficiency and to produce more with less. This has led to an increased demand for higher level skills in all the areas – Technology, Leadership, Business Analysis, Project Management, Risk Management, Business Process Management, etc. 
Investment in human capital is undoubtedly one of the most important ways in which an organization can remain competitive in an ever-changing knowledge-based economy.

We design and deliver training to help our clients develop the necessary skills and processes to improve business and employee performance. We are committed to our clients’ success and their need for continuous skill enhancement, organizational capability enhancement and realizing value of their investment. 

02. We Deliver Results

Our services leverage the global standards from IIBA, PMI, IREB, BCS, ABPMP and, combined with our research, best practices and methodologies you get the most out of each engagement with us. The trainings are customized to suit your business needs, designed to fit the needs of the participants, tailored to fit around your way of doing things, leverages with a huge inventory of resources, like templates, articles, and white papers.

This means you get the in-depth knowledge and the context needed to do deliver better business outcome leveraging our expertise in global standards.

03. Experienced Faculty

We have highly experienced trainers and consultants with a proven track record to assure you of an engaging and powerful delivery. 

Our consultants have following qualities in common:

  • A passion for creating & delivering effective and powerful trainings

  • Experience in business

  • An approach which blends expertise with an openness to learn

  • The ability to get on and work with people at all levels

  • Experience of working in a variety of industry verticals

This means you get the experience needed to do the work professionally.

04. Understanding Your Business

We invest our time in getting to know your people and your business, because the better the understanding, the closer is the fit. We talk to your HR, Learning and Development or Business teams about the training needs. We talk to the management team about their perspective on the required outcomes. And we talk to the participants about their view of the role, their challenges and training needs. Training are then designed to deliver the desired results.

This means the education is imparted around your organization’s culture and business needs.

05.Custom Design Solutions to Suit Your Needs

We design and deliver training to help your people work more effectively. We focus on the technical, conceptual and behavioral aspects of learning. We will help to define your needs more closely in terms of how training might be able to help. Our clients choose us for our quality, flexibility, performance and ease of doing business. We partner with clients to deliver better business results.

This means you get exactly what you want and how you want it.

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